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What is window film? Window film is a thin material that adheres to the smooth surface of a window to alter the appearance of the glass. Although some companies make window film from ceramic, laminate, or carbon materials, most film is made of polyester using a polyethylene terephthalate, or PET polymer. Mar 23, 2018 - Spartan GoCam™ mobile scouting camera (Verizon version) is the next-generation scouting tool which can send motion-triggered or time-lapse pictures to email, including your cell phone. The Spartan GoCam™ mobile scouting camera provides the advanced tool y

Complete window tint specifications and color samples for Solar Gard HP Charcoal. This line of window film is made by Solar Gard for car or automotive window tint installation. It comes in 7 shades of VLT darknesses. High Performance hybrid film in Charcoal color with moderate reflectivity.
depend what kind type film and brand . Llumar is good brand , i been used Suntek CXP is good and I used 3M color stable is good also the price for those film is $300-500 . If you get install in fancy store is $500 . i got install $300 for 3M color stable in Bay Area , San Mateo ,CA the place is very recomended the store name Best Image .
Solar specifications represent film mounted to 1⁄4 inch (6mm) clear glass. Tests, equipment and methods are in accordance with ASTM, ANSI and NFRC standards. Calculations performed using L.B.L. Optics/Window 6. Values expressed hereof are typical and provided for comparative purposes only.
Jun 21, 2018 · SunTek 3M Johnson Window Films Hanita Coatings A&B Films SunGard Bekaert Madico Solar Gard V-KOOL Erickson International Sekisui S-LEC™ America Lintec Corporation Solar Insulation Atlantic Solar Film. Global Automotive Solar Film Market: Product Segment Analysis The 1st (Staining film) The 2nd (Metal reflective film) The 3rd (Heat-absorbing film)
Pentru a-ti reface memoria un pic Dl. Stan Foster a fost dealer Sun-Gard in SUA iar problemele de garantie la care se referea el sunt de la Sun-Gard. El a lucrat foarte putin cu SUNTEK in SUA pentru ca nu a primit suficient cascaval si a primit o oferta mai buna de la Global. Nu vreau sa o mai lungesc...
If you note; That "Solar Gard Ultra 75" [and others] is really good stuff if not better than Llumar Ceramic or Suntek. Some of the metal films are very good but can create problems for your phone, electronics, etc- most guys getting away from those- awesome on home or business windows.
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  • Automotive Tint - Solar Gard Solar Gard Galaxie With its bold, black head-turning finish the Solar Gard (non-refelective) Galaxie has superior quality and exceptional performance will enhance your driving experience and protect you from the sun's heat and damaging UV rays.
  • I'm looking to get my two front windows tinted. What would be the best kind of tint? Suntek, Solarguard, and 3M. Is it ok to have one of those mobile guys come out to my house and do it or is it better to have it done in one of their shops??
  • How does window film protect you against the most preventable cancer there is? By blocking 99% of UV rays - That's how!
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Mar 13, 2017 · stek vs suntek side by side on a white car, suntek was still glossier, xpel wasn't even close stek vs suntek side by side on a dark car, suntek was still glossier and showed less distortion. we put suntek on the full front of a car recently.

Solar Gard merupakan produsen kaca film mobil asal The window tint brand 3M is one of the fiilm window tint brands on the market. Recommended toko kaca film di bali. These are high-performance car window tints, and choosing between each, a car enthusiast has to make some decisions.
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Suntek Cir Series Nano Ceramic Film 20 Vlt 20 In X 10 Ft Window Tint Roll. $24.56. ... Solar Gard Ultra Performance Nano Ceramic 70 Vlt 20 X 10 Ft Tint Roll Film.

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Jun 29, 2013 · Having a helluva time deciding between these 2 (well 3 actually, choosing between 1 3M and 2 shades of the Solar Gard) for my Candy White GTI. Here's the links to the place that I'm going to get it done at. Don't be shocked at the prices, we get gouged in Vancouver. I'm either doing 3M...